Old Creek

Our Solutions.

Whether you're an architect, interior designer, builder, or design-minded home owner, we've got your custom built solution.

Building A Home.

Turning houses into homes, for over quarter century.

25 Years Experience Collaborating With Architects & Builders

We are able to pick up a project at any stage and deliver on-time and complete. We have software and systems in place that allow us to effectively communicate. All complemented by a specialized staff with decades of experience.

Total Customization, Built To Order

Old Creek is positioned to remove all barriers in creating your perfect interior or exterior solution. We receive most of our wood products one-step removed from the forest and have dedicated professional team to help walk you through the design phase.

Sourcing, Building, & Finishing All Under One Roof

Old Creek has a unique blend of passionate specialists collaborating to procure, design, construct, and finish, all working together under one roof.

Upgrading A Space.

Transforming spaces into adaptive environments.

Adaptive Furniture For Future Flexibility

Transforming from a single to a multi-use area is not as hard as you might think. We welcome your idea; let our staff show you what is possible.

From Condo-Character To Heirloom-Quality

Evolve the sea-of-sameness into a thought-out living space you can’t stand to leave. Surround yourself with the design personality the matches your lifestyle.

Engineered For A Luxurious Experience

With Quality and Service top of mind, all ingredients going into your project are hand selected and graded creating long lasting beauty.

Limitless Creativity.

Bringing ideas to life, one dream at a time.

Rule No.1 is Collaboration With Clients and Vendors

At Old Creek we can bring your dreams and ideas to life combining resources of people, materials, craftsmanship, and passion.

Every Aesthetic Is Achievable, No Problem

Down to the perfect piece of antique hardware, we will procure to the smallest detail.

We Can Source Or Create Anything From Anywhere

Old Creek can source any domestic or exotic specie. We’ll source what you want or provide a full menu of options to choose from that is best suited to your application.

Flexible Spaces.

Form & function meets flawless flexibility

Form & Function Meets Flawless Flexibility

We perfect not only the style of your piece or collection but also the functionality of the project. Finished appearance and performance is considered throughout the construction process.

Detailing Down To The Paint Mix

Through collaboration we match finish, shaping, and possibly grain characteristics of your existing space.

Expectations Matched

With all of Old Creek's Machine centers at one facility, we can trial and error concepts and designs. It’s our way of making sure everything works exactly how you expect.

Full Room Coordination.

An intersection of precision and collaboration

Every Piece Can Be Designed And Built In Concert

Project Focused Manufacturing allows us to literality integrate every component as it passes through each production center.

Our Design Drawings Are Incredibly Precise

Old Creek will supply a complete set of CAD and line drawings for each project. These same documents follow your product through the manufacturing process.

No Space Is Too Small Or Strangely Shaped

Most of the time the smallest spaces need the biggest help. We will happily look at any project and show you ways we can enhance your space.