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Quality Doors

Carve Any Style, Shape or Design

Possibilities are endless with our 4-axis CNC work centers, from 3-dimensional carvings and radius shapes, to wood inlays and glass designs.

Solid-Wood Engineered Components

Doors are manufactured with in-house custom stiles using the finest solid and plywood materials. Our 2-piece solid wood jambs maximize the use of raw materials and reduce warping.

Extra-Thick Face Veneers

Refinish for years with our house-made face veneers that are at a minimum, twice as thick as industry standards.

Custom-Machined Door Hardware

We can accommodate any specialty or standard hardware design, even antique hardware sets, and beautifully integrate them into a new door.

Industry-leading Doors and Jambs

Each Door and Jamb is programmed and sized on our CNC machine, achieving the tightest tolerances available in the industry.

Door Projects

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Wall Furniture

100% Customization To Your Style And Needs

Every space is different—there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Old Creek rises to the challenge of making your space valuable and functional for years.

Every Space Can Be Functional

Our experience and foresight can make most one-dimensional area, multi functional spaces.

Beyond Just Beds

Multi-Purpose storage, writing surfaces, and display arrangements are efficient and tastefully designed to outlast trends.

Attractive In Any Position

Designed with every use in mind our rendered drawings of project components show what your pieces will look like in and out of function.

Solid Wood Last for Years

Handcrafted from the very finest materials, including solid wood and plywoods, we choose materials for maximum longevity and quality.

Designed For Safety And Ease Of Use

Functional furniture means moving parts. We use the safest, smoothest, and longest lasting mechanisms in the industry, eliminating of pinch points and sharp exposed edges.

Wall Furniture Projects

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Artisan Cabinetry

Solid Wood Drawers with Dovetail Construction

Dovetail joints are self-locking, even without glue, making drawer failure almost impossible.

Efficiently Collaborate With Builders & Designers

We are able to pick up a project at any stage and deliver on-time and complete, leveraging our specialized staff's decades of experience with industry-compatible software and building systems.

Extensive Wood Sourcing & Finishing Options

We can source and finish any wood specie. Our controlled environment enables consistency throughout the finish process. We use numerous techniques to create or match any style or taste.

Shop-Ready Drawings Ensure Precision And Accuracy

Every order is processed with a complete set of CAD drawings. These documents follow the product through the manufacturing process all the way to installation.

We Make Sure Your Molding Matches Your Cabinets

In-house molding operations offer endless options to round out the perfect atheistic to your handcrafted cabinet.

Have A Specific Vision? We Design Custom Sizing For Any Storage Need

The craft of transformation happens when Old Creek is used to turn a dream into reality. With appreciation of beauty and enthusiasm for excellence, we’ll create a tailored solution ideal for your space.

Cabinetry Projects

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Custom Solutions.

With a broad range of capabilities tethered to a creative mindset, we have built a portfolio of products inspired by golf courses, your special day, and your favorite four-legged friend.

Custom Projects