Old Creek

From Concepting To Crating, We're The Complete One-Stop-Shop Shop

Fully Collaborative Design Process

  • Designers & Builders:

    We have a dedicated team of designers & builders who can process and understand your specifications.

  • Owners/buyers

    Staffed to walk through all the steps from development to installation of your perfect project.

  • Internal Collaboration

    All aspects of every project are signed off on and approved between work centers.

  • We can work with any vendor

    Old Creek is open to working with your vendor of choice upon request.

Drawing & Visualization

  • Draw It & Build It

    If we can draw it, we can build it - exactly to your specifications.

  • 3D Renders

    Our 3d renderings visualize the project for reference and approval to ensure we build everything correct, the first time.

  • Seamless Installation

    Our software creates assembly drawings accurate to the hinge hole for seamless installation regardless of size and dimension.

We Have The Tools To Bring Any Design To Life

  • 4-axis CNC Mill

    Endless possibilities for wood carving while maintaining the tightest tolerances in the industry.

  • Wood-Moulder

    We can mass-produce custom molding can complement current design or uniquely finish out a one-of-a-kind project.

  • Clamp Carrier

    Less clamping during glue-up means minimal stress on the finish surface and preservation of the wood's integrity.

  • 3-head Overhead Sander

    Our pre-finishing process enhances the natural beauty of the wood grain and better prepares the wood for paints, stains, lacquers, and seals.

Decades Of Experience

  • Years of Experience

    We have the experience and confidence to pick up a project at any stage and deliver on-time and complete.

  • Industry Best Practices

    Understanding industry best practices and standards can eliminate the learning curve for your project and ensure value through efficient manufacturing.

  • Need Something Custom?

    Odds are we’ve done something similar which can eliminate the unknown while allowing our craftsmen's creativity to flourish.

  • Under One Roof

    We’ve brought all our facilities under one roof to control ALL the materials, components & timelines, allowing us to finish your project on-time and with the highest standards.

Only The Best Materials

  • Domestic & Exotic Woods

    We can source and have experience working with domestic and exotic woods with the highest grading standards, regardless of specie.

  • Signature Statement

    We can use or outsource the creation of custom hardware, adding that signature statement to your personal project.

  • Specialized Glass Applications

    We work with glass vendors for standard and specialized applications that include beveled, textured, lead and/or stained glasses.

  • Hand Selected For Quality

    Each solid piece of wood is hand selected for quality. We use high-grade & carb-compliant plywoods, solid woods, and veneers that will look beautiful for years.

Engineered For Durability And Longevity

  • Craft & Joinery

    Solid construction, painstaking craft & joinery provides the strongest possible joints. The chance of a failure is minimal.

  • Hinges & Soft Closings

    High quality hinges and soft-closing guides for moving pieces allow sturdy, smooth-running, and near effortless function.

  • Anti-warp Doors

    Anti-warp construction on doors, both inside and out. Doors are manufactured with in-house engineered stiles using the finest solid and plywood materials.

Fully Custom Finishing Capabilities

  • Onsite Finishing

    Onsite finishing operation ensures quality control is not only maintained but your project is finished to the agreed specifications.

  • Properly Sealed

    We can assure products are sealed properly and the moisture content of the wood is stabilized reducing movement post install.

  • Any Color & Technique

    Finishing our doors completely in-house keeps them fully warrentied. We can match any color, paint and/or technique.

Shipping Solutions

  • Steamlined Crating

    Every piece is shipped in packaging designed specifically for your project to ensure integrity.

  • Properly Sealed

    Quality packaging materials help ensure your project is received on-time and safe.

  • Small and Large

    We can accommodate any size so no job is too large or small for us to create and ship.

  • Door to Door Tracking

    If we aren’t delivering it to you ourselves, our preferred carrier network will provide tracking from our door to yours.