Old Creek

About Old Creek

"The standards we strive for are without compromise. The procedures we use to attain them are as extreme as they are innovative."

Lisa Mischkot, Old Creek CEO

The Old Creek Mission

Located in Bend, Oregon, Old Creek is maker of custom doors, cabinetry and wall furniture. We regionally source only the best materials from across the Pacific Northwest, and are committed to quality and customer service.

  • Old Creek products are handcrafted in the Northwest from the finest materials, including solid wood, plywoods, metals, and glass.

    In terms of quality and longevity, Old Creek is in a class of its own: our products are design to withstand daily use for the life of the environment in which they are installed.

  • Our passion for challenge drives constant innovation. Old Creek’s forward-thinking approach to design in all our product segments makes the impossible possible.

    The flexibility of the machinery in our factory enables specially engineered project specific product to come to life at the standards we demand. We constantly pioneer new designs, construction methods and technologies, and support them with excellent quality and service.

  • In lock step with all Old Creek products, the client relationships we build are long lasting and we place high-value on each and every one.

    Old Creek Company is committed to providing responsive, friendly, courteous and excellent service to our customers.

Hello. We're Old Creek

Lisa ceo

Overseeing Old Creek, Lisa is a creative at heart who thrives on customer service and exceeding customers’ expectations. As an industry veteran with years of experience as a high-end buyer for Williams-Sonoma, Lisa is an expert in the harmony of function, form, and customer satisfaction. She oversees the sales and operational aspects of Old Creek, and takes great pride in constantly trying better serve its customers with designs and products that the entire company can be proud of.

Pat Sales, Cabinets & Wall Beds

Woodworking since he was 15 years old, Pat has been in the cabinet industry for fifteen years. He works with contractors, homeowners, interior designers, and everyone in between to design and build systems that are not only beautiful but also functional and buildable. He creates all drawings and documentation and oversees every aspect of construction and assembly—from running jobs through the shop to working with the installer and following up with customers.

Bri Office Manager

Recently graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a degree in business administration, Bri assists in office operation, sales, and accounting. She helps ensure the sales side of the business smoothly from beginning to end with support and enthusiasm, and assists the internal team as necessary.